Swimming Pool Heater Repair Sherman Oaks

Swimming pool heater repair Sherman OaksNeed Swimming Pool Heater Repair Sherman Oaks? Have you ever dipped your foot in the water getting ready to go for a swim and said to yourself that’s way too cold. If so there’s a good chance that your pool heater is malfunctioning and not working properly. Always remember to keep you and your family safe and have a professional do any repairs. Because of the warm climate in the San Fernando Valley and perfect weather for yearly swimming in your pool it’s easy to see that your heater can get overworked. Our repairman have fixed, replaced and installed new gas and electric pool water heaters for over 20 years now. If your water heaters currently making weird and loud noises or you notice that the water temperature is much cooler than normal then call us first. We know how to diagnose and repair heater issues. Working with your pool’s heater system but also the electricity for electric heaters is very dangerous so it’s always good to have a professional check it out for you before any work is started. We have all the necessary tools and the proper equipment to make sure your project is completed fast, safe and affordably.

Pool Heater Repair Sherman Oaks CA

  • New installations and replacements
  • Complete repairs and servicing
  • Heater troubleshooting
  • Solar water heater conversions

Repairing or replacing a water heater for your Sherman Oaks pool is not an easy task. This is the heart among your pumps and motors of the entire pool system. Our repairman has all the correct tools and technical knowledge to make sure your heater is repaired or replaced safe and securely. We will completely look over your project and give an estimate before any work is done.

Contact us today to speak with one of our pool heater repair experts to learn how we can help warm your water back up and get you swimming in comfort once again.