Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

The heat has arrived in the west Valley and here are some summer swimming pool maintenance tips for Sherman Oaks pools. Both residential and commercial pools get used much more than normal during the months of July, August and September. With all the extra activity comes increasing the pool maintenance to keep water clear and swim-safe. The most vital factors to keep an eye on during summer is water chemistry and extending filter running times.

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Sherman Oaks CA

If a pool loses its gem blue look often amid summer make sure that the filter is running longer every day. This will shield the water from getting murky looking and give safer swimming conditions. Keeping up the pool cleaning week after week or bi-weekly amid summer is a smart way to keep conditions their best.

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Sherman Oaks

Nothing like getting home on a hot work day to dive into the pool but the water has turned cloudy. This happens when the hot sun shines upon the pool for longer hours. One summer pool cleaning undertaking is to raise the chlorine levels. Put a couple of more tabs in the chlorinator or move the dial-up to legitimately bolster chlorine levels. In some cases shocking the swimming pool water will shield it from nasty green algae growth and hurtful microscopic organisms from making pool water cloudy.

Another reason Sherman Oaks pools need more maintenance in Summer is because lots of people are in the water during summer. Because of this there are loads of oils and trash from around the deck entering the water as well. That means it finds its way to the filters which will clog up in just a couple of days. Suntan and body oils will soon make a ring around the pools edge. Think of a ring found in a bathtub on a bigger scale. Week after week it’s best to scour the pool walls and tiles over the waterline. This will keep terrible looking green again and debris scum from showing up on the sides of the pool.