Springtime Pool Cleaning 5 Tips

Spring Swimming Pool Preperation Sherman Oaks

It’s usually right around this time that our pool cleaners in Sherman Oaks receive calls about best practices for springtime pool cleaning. If you are a homeowner getting ready for your spring cleaning why not add the pool to the list as well. Here are five easy tips to follow making sure your swimming pool and spa is ready for the summer months.

Springtime Pool Cleaning Tips

Springtime Pool Cleaning 5 Tips

  1. The first thing you want to do is get rid of all the grime and dirt built up from winter. A good place to start is the side walls and pool steps. Make sure to brush them well because black algae like to form around these locations.
  2. Run the filter system for at least 8 hours and backwash the filter too. If your pool uses cartridge style filters run the sequence 2 times with old filters and then put the new ones in for a fresh start to the season.
  3. If your backyard has lots of trees flowers and shrubs make sure to remove any dead foliage from the pool deck area. Leaves another foliage gets into the pool and before you know it will be at the bottom making a mess.
  4. One thing that’s common when the air heats up is the arrival of algae and bacteria. Checking your pool water chemistry will help keep up swim safe conditions all season. But also making sure pH and chlorine levels are properly balanced guarantees comfy swim water.
  5. Pool pumps need to be checked out before the summer and if thinking about upgrading a one-speed pump now is a good time to hire a professional to install a variable speed model pump that’s energy friendly.

By following these five easy steps have a clean pool for summer and enjoy! You also are making sure by cleaning and balancing the water your swimming pool runs properly. Enjoy your beautifully cleaned house for Springtime and relax out by the clean pool when you’re finished.

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