Sherman Oaks Pool Party Themes

With summer here Sherman Oaks Pool owners find themselves entertaining family and friends in the backyard out by the water. Here’s a couple ideas to spice up your festivities and make them also that much more enjoyable.  From festive tropical set ups to night time Vegas pool parties make your gathering one to remember. Before any planning is done make sure that your swimming pool is cleaned prior to the event. We get call often from owners who need to have their pools cleaned a day and scheduling is an issue. It’s best to arrange in advance for a professional to come fully clean your pool and check the equipment. If you plan on having custom lighting a professional will take care of that too.

Sherman Oaks Pool Party Themes

  • Tropical Paradise Theme
  • Las Vegas Gambling Theme

Sherman Oaks pool party Theme5A popular pool party theme is the tropical look. This includes inflatables, tropical plants, exotic drinks and a colorful color scheme. Add some tropical food and drinks to the menu and your guests will think they’re on an island in the South Pacific. Head to the nearest department store pick up a couple inflatable flamingos and also some tiki torches to place around the perimeter of the backyard. For food and drinks there are many rum drinks to choose from and also many options for barbecuing steak and shrimp. Use some pineapples and hollow out the top and put tropical flowers in them which are also great for table decorations.

Las Vegas nighttime gambling pool party theme perfect for adults. A great theme for pools that have a big backyard area with grass. Put some tables and chairs on the grass to use as game playing tables. Popular color scheme of red white and black will give your backyard a nice Vegas look. Also get special color changing swimming pool LED lights to match your red white and black Vegas theme. Supplies from local party stores for this theme include fake money, poker chips, gambling visors and jumbo size playing cards placed around the pool perimeter. For cocktails serve up some gin and tonics or maybe a martini or two. Put some Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra on the stereo and the atmosphere is complete.

Short Notice Sherman Oaks Pool Service

These are just two these are just two pool party ideas Pool owners can use but the amount of different types of themes for pool parties are only limited by your imagination. If the invites have gone out already and the pool is dirty give us a call for expert short notice pool service for the Sherman Oaks area.