Salt Pool Maintenance Sherman Oaks

Salt pool maintenance Sherman OaksWhen it comes to Salt Pool Maintenance Sherman Oaks we are your local experts. Our technicians have cleaned, cared for and converted regular pools to salt water systems for over two decades now. Our regular weekly maintenance will prevent any algae build up and keep your salt water clean and fresh for swimming at any time. Some people may think that salt water swimming pools are less maintenance but that is not the case. Special care is vital when cleaning and inspecting your chlorine generator and other equipment associated with your saltwater set up. If left without any maintenance for a few days your water can get dirty and less safe fast. Bacteria, and other nasty things can grow in the matter of days. It’s always good to have a professional to do your regular saltwater cleaning for you. Besides the special treatments for your salt system we also do the regular duties of our weekly pool cleaning services. That includes skimming the surface of the water removing debris and leaves. We also vacuüm your pool’s bottom and scrub and clean the tiles above the waterline. Regular weekly inspections will also make sure all equipment is functioning as it should. If thinking about converting your existing regular water into a saltwater system the benefits are many.

Salt Pool Care & Maintenance Sherman Oaks

  • Weekly saltwater pool cleaning
  • Salt water chemistry maintenance
  • Maintain chlorine generator
  • Saltwater equipment fixes
  • Install new chlorine generators

Benefits of Saltwater Pools

When it comes to the benefits of having a salt pool system there’s a few things to remember. If you think that it is like swimming in the ocean you are way off. Salt pools have much less salt content compared to the ocean. What the salt does do is give a regular flow to convert chlorine. That means you can say so long to the days of that burning feeling on your skin and in your eyes after swimming. If you have had health issues with breathing and lung issues after swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool that will also stop. You can also swim underwater with eyes open too with no discomfort. If you find that you swim less because your chlorine levels seem to always fade your hair color, well you no longer will have to worry about that. Salt water pools still have chlorine in the water but at lower and much safer levels. If looking to convert your existing pool to a saltwater based system we can help. Our salt water specialists have all the necessary tools, equipment and know how to make it a smooth conversion to your new saltwater system. Once you see for yourself how smooth and soft your skin is after swimming you’ll be glad you converted. Besides your hair and skin feeling softer you also can feel safe knowing that your water will be much safer for your friends and family to swim in.

Our experts have converted 100’s of pools in the greater San Fernando Valley and Sherman Oaks. We repairmen and cleaning  professionals are fully licensed and trained to keep up and repair equipment associated with saltwater systems. From installing and repairing your salt chlorination units to full conversions. We are here to help and are more than glad to answer any questions you may have about your saltwater system and also go over costs to convert your system to saltwater. Over time you will spend much less to keep up your pool as salt costs much less than chlorine and its safer of course. Fell free to call or contact us and one of our saltwater specialists will answer any questions you may have. If you have not done so yet please follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to receive a 10% savings on your first service. You also can have the chance to win free weekly pool maintenance for 12 months!