Residential Swimming Pool Top 5 Money Saving Tips

Pool Money saving tips

Residential Swimming Pool expenses are costly for Sherman Oaks Homeowners. Pool Services Sherman Oaks are experts at Weekly care and maintenance for your backyard friend. We know some great money-saving tips, too. We can help you save money on Swimming Pool Services, putting extra spending cash back in your bank account. All of us like to save money, and with the hotter months around the corner, we all want our pools beautiful and healthy. Make these Top 5 Tips part of your family routine and start planning what you want to spend your savings on.

Residential Swimming Pool Sherman Oaks

Residential Swimming Pool Top 5 Ideas to Save Money

  1. Regular Cleaning. Empty baskets so that leaves do not build-up, as well as other debris. Clogged baskets strain your pool’s motor which can break them. It’s key to check filters and baskets a few days each week. Also, a weekly swimming pool maintenance service is a huge help, as it takes away the worry of remembering and leaves the cleaning to us. We will make sure your filters and baskets keep empty and clean.
  2. Pool Pump – is your pool pump an older one-speed model? If so, take a look at the DWP pool pump replacement program. DWP renewed their program for 2018 giving rebates of $500 and $1,000 for single-family homes that upgrade. Now’s the best time to replace that old one-speed with an energy-saving variable speed pump. Save up to $90 in operating costs!
  3. Pool Pump Timer – Put your pump motor on an automatic timer box. Set it and forget it. Your pump motor will come on and off when you are away, at work, or out-of-town, and timers are only about $50 to buy, and we can help with low-cost installation.
  4. Pool Filters at Night  – By setting your pool filter to run at night you will slash running costs. Save energy and save dollars is a win-win.
  5. Swimming Pool Covers – You can reduce heating costs a lot by covering your pool. Solar Covers both warm the water in your pool during the day without using the heater and saves hundreds of gallons of water each year. Covers extend the seasonality for swimming, too, keeping the pool warmer longer. You can’t beat swimming longer and save money, can you?

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Residential swimming pool care costs money and time to keep you and your family safe and healthy. We want everyone splashing around in the clean and healthy water. These tips will both help you save money, and give you more time to spend doing the things you love. We also hope it keeps you and your family splashing as long as the weather allows, which, as we know is a lot of time here in the Valley. Give us a call to hear about more tips, also to find out about Weekly Pool Services that will help you save even more money – and time.