Pool Service Reviews

Read our latest pool service reviews for our pool cleaning company. We take great pride in giving a trusted and reliable up-keep for our clients.

Pool Service Reviews Sherman Oaks

Pool Service Reviews Sherman Oaks“This company has some of the best guys doing spa and pool service in the west San Fernando Valley! I had read past reviews and thought I call and use them for weekly maintenance as our last poolman was not cutting it. Right away after a few weeks i noticed that they were prompt on the agreed set cleaning day and time. good start as this was something i had problems with when using other West San Fernando Valley pool cleaning companies in the past. Plus we always had to double-check their work which was inconsistent at best. After switching and now with these guys for a couple of months i know there is no need to check on their work. It’s always cleaned thoroughly. Brushing and cleaning the walls, steps and the bottom always professionally vacuumed it’s a pleasure to not have to worry about my pool cleaning company like we had before. Thanks for the great service!”

Joachim – Home Owner

Pool Cleaning Company Reviews “Terry and his team work for our neighbors who recommend them to us and boy are we thankful for that. We’ve had nothing but positive results with their service and its been six months so far. The last pool cleaning company we used was not the best experience. After speaking with Terry he arranged a time to come by and explain the different services available with a full explanation of each. While inspecting our equipment he noticed we were still using a single speed pump and motor. Terry being a certified aquatic technician in Los Angeles county let us know that we could upgrade to a variable speed pool pump and DWP would give us a $1,000 rebate. He explained the money we could save with a energy-efficient pump. Basically before even hiring him to do our work he was already looking out for us and helping us save money! For a person who is new to owning home with luxury swimming amenities it’s nice to know we have someone we can trust to answer questions and explain things that we do not understand about maintaining our swimming water.

Barbara – Residential Home Owner

Pool Service Reviews San Fernando Valley“After seeing some negative reviews for the work of our previous poolman along with our own bad experiences we knew it was time to look for a new company as the service we were getting was inconsistent. We swim often and spoke to Terry about twice a week maintenance for a saltwater pool and spa. We also wanted to update to an automated set-up. After calling and speaking with Terry we knew that we were in good hands. We learned he’s been servicing salt water swimming pools and spas in the area for over 20 years. He’s also up to date with the latest automation set-ups and was able to set us up to where we could control our system from our smart phone or tablet. It’s been one year now and we are very pleased and just renewed for another year. I wanted to write this review letting others know if you’re in need of a pool cleaning company with good reviews in the Sherman Oaks area who are honest, reliable and really know their stuff give Terry a call!”

Brad – San Fernando Valley Resident