Pool Pump Replacement Questions?

When is the right time for a pool pump replacement? If left neglected or not maintained on a weekly basis replacements are common. There’s all sizes of pools and all types of pumps. What’s a homeowner to do when it’s either fixing or repairing? Is it a difficult project and can anybody handle it?pool pump replacement question

We know folks like to do the repairs themselves. Every once in a while problems arise that need the help of a professional. Also for homeowners looking to save money with DWP rebates a certified aquatic technician is also needed to receive the thousand-dollar rebate. This is for converting to a multi-speed energy-saving pump.

For times that need a pro its best to have a certified aquatic technician troubleshoot the pump. An expert will be able to check parts like bearings, impeller, and circuitry to verify everything is good. If any of the parts need replacing, and it’s an old one speed pump, consider a rebate. When going this route DWP offers up to $1,000 cash back via rebate. This will need a certified aquatic technician to also buy and install a variable speed pump. This pertains to the Los Angeles County area. Check your own local area for rebates that pertain to local service area.

Swimming Pool Pump Replacement Parts

If your swimming pool is used less often and sits for long periods of time, bearings and lubrication issues often harm the functionalities of the pump. To error is human and homeowners mistakenly plugged in the power for the pump into the wrong amp socket. Plugging into a 220 will burn up the motor.

What should you do if your pump has failed and it needs replaced? If the motor has long past its warranty replacing the pump and upgradingĀ  is a good decision. Also if you live in an area that offers rebates when upgrading to an energy-efficient multi-speed pump that will cut the cost of your new pump even more.

Even though new pump often repair themselves sometimes it takes a professional to fix problems. Make sure to reach out to your local Pool Service Company to get further information on replacing your swimming pool pump. For single-family homeowners in the San Fernando Valley who would like to take advantage of the DWP rebatesĀ  call and speak with one of our aquatic technicians today to see if your pool qualifies.

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