Pool Pump Repairs Sherman Oaks

Pool pump repair Sherman Oaks CAIf you need expert pool pump repair Sherman Oaks then you’ve come to the right spot. Our company has serviced pools and spas in the San Fernando Valley for nearly three decades. We work with residential and commercial clients as well as provide service for apartment complexes and condo’s. We’ve restored, replaced and installed countless pumps and motors in the west Valley alone. Pumps and motors are the center point of a residential or commercial pool’s equipment. The average life span of a regular pumps can be 8 to 12 years depending on your usage. If it’s been longer than you can remember and are not sure if you’ve installed a new pump then it’s probably a good time for it’s replacement. The good news is that pumps have not changed that much in the last few years and are now much more energy-saving. Our repair experts will consult with you prior to any work to make sure you have the best size pump with the proper amps for the amount of water you will be pumping per hour.

Pool Pump and Motor Repair Sherman Oaks

  • Variable speed installations
  • Single speed pump repairs
  • Booster pumps installed and repaired
  • Heater pump troubleshooting
  • Specialty pump installs and servicing
  • Custom pump and motor rebuilds
  • Motor refurbish and rebuilding
  • Pool Pump Replacement Sherman Oaks

If you need are in need of repairing your pools pump or need to replace an old pool pump with a new variable speed model we can help. It’s best to always choose the best set up for the size of your pool. You never want to have a under powered unit or a over powered unit that will waste energy. When choosing pumps and motors there are many factors to consider. The size of your pool and the amount of usage it gets are two main things to be aware of as well as the amount of water you will be pumping. Fountains and waterfalls also use their own units many times as well. We’re here to take all the stress and worry out of getting you back in the water swimming. We also repair and rebuild variable speed pumps as well if your unit has failed to old age. Thankfully today most makes and models of pumps have similar designs and functions. Manufactures like Hayward, Jandy and Pentair have not changed their models much in the last few years in regards to new technology. That is good news for you because today’s units are about as hi tech as they are going to get. A wise investment in in a variable speed unit will ensure you use less energy. We have seen some studies where some variable speed owners were using up to 50% less energy with their new set up.

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