Pool Light Repair Sherman Oaks

Pool Light Repair Sherman OaksNeed an expert for Pool Light Repair Sherman Oaks? One of our most frequent repairs are for fixing burned out underwater lights. Many times it’s not the bulb itself but an actual water leak from a defective or old seal. A repair for this problem usually requires purchasing a new fixture along with a new bulb. to keep the water out and the light on at night. We have years of experience working with all the pool light makers including Hayward, Aqualink, Zodiac as well as many others. Our company has provided pool light repair services to the West San Fernando Valley for over 20 years running. Our certified aquatic technicians have repaired, installed and replaced every type of lighting from floating lights to waterfall, fountain and pond lighting setups. We know everything thing to know about replacing and repairing water based lights. We promise to gt you and your guests swimming safely in the dark asap. If you have water features we also are experts at adding special effect lightning for your waterfall, pond or fountain. Besides giving your swimming area a beautiful new look having all your lights working as they should is a major safety feature too. Being able to see to the bottom of the pool is vital for when an accident or emergency may occur. Enjoying your pool on a warm evening is a great thing that Southern Californians love doing. With so much time being spent outside by your pool at night it is always best to make sure it is safe and well-lit.

Swimming Pool Light Repair Sherman Oaks

  • Underwater light repair and replacement
  • Fountain, pond and waterfall lighting repairs
  • Bulb replacement services
  • LED lighting installations
  • Low voltage lighting installs
  • Multi colored lights
  • Pool lighting smartphone automation

Pool Light Replacement Sherman OaksIf you’re hosting a pool party or even just relaxing in the evening with friends or family there’s nothing better than a well-lit back yard and a beautifully colored swimming environment. We specialize in installing and hooking up special custom lights like multi colored lights and special effect lighting that floats in the water giving off dazzling effects. With all the manufactures making energy-efficient lighting it’s now more affordable than ever to update your lighting system. If you have an Android or an iPhone smart phone we can also program your lighting to turn off or turn on or even change colors all from your smart phone. No matter if it’s an underwater pool light that needs fixing to helping you create a customized lighting system our friendly technicians are here to help with any questions you have about your repairs or new lighting installation.

Contact us today so we can help with your light repair and make sure your night-times in the water are beautifully lit.