Pool Leak Detection

Pool Leak Detection Sherman OaksNeed an expert for pool leak detection Sherman Oaks? For over 20 years our certified technicians have provided solutions for both commercial and residential pool owners in the San Fernando Valley. During this time we’ve detected and repaired hundreds of leaks in swimming pools and spas. A leak in your pool is quite costly to repair if left untreated for a long period. Our experienced repairmen will respond quickly to diagnose where your leak is coming from and offer solutions to keep your water from leaking out of your swimming pool or spa in the future. Once the leak is found and identified you can rely on us to make sure to get the repair finished in a timely and professional way. It’s important to note that a leak in your pool can add up to lots of wasteful spending. The fact that water is added on a more regular basis combined with having to add more chemicals than normal to treat the water means your losing money. If you notice excessive amounts of water collecting around your pump, heater, skimmer or feel any soft areas near the perimeter of your pool there’s a good chance water is leaking from somewhere.

Pool Leak Detection Sherman Oaks

  • Complete Equipment Leak Inspections
  • Pressure Testing Water Lines
  • Electronic Leak Detection

Swimming Pool Leak Detection  With as many years of on the job training here in the west valley you can rely on our certified aquatic technicians to visually check and inspect all parts of your pool and spa. This includes your plumbing lines and the equipment that’s connected to it. We can do pressure testing on your water lines to further identify leaks in your swimming pool that aren’t seen due to being underneath your decking. We can handle underwater repairs for drains, underwater lighting and floor heads as well. With many pools that we inspect we’re able to find and fix the leak on the spot with just a small equipment repair, seal or patch. On the chance that your issue is more serious like a broken water line, faulty skimmer or large plaster cracks that need repairs we’ll be able to give a quote to do this project for you.

Before calling us it is best to do what’s called a bucket test to decide if you do in fact have a leak. This is done by placing a bucked filled half way with some water and placing it on the first step in the water. Mark the water level inside of the bucket with a piece of adhesive tape. Do the same on the outside of the bucket. Wait 24 hours and then check. Because of natural evaporation the water levels should be the same. If the outside has dropped further that means you are likely to have a water leak.