Pool Heater Maintenance Year Round Sherman Oaks Homeowners

Pool Heater Maintenance Repairs Year Round Sherman Oaks

Pool Heater Maintenance is a year-round need. With the weather cooling, even in the Valley, what better time to think of a warm swim. With swimming infrequent in the upcoming Winter months now is a key time to have for heater maintenance. A serviced heater can keep the swimming going longer, as well as avoid costly replacement in the future.

Pool Heater Maintenance and Your Swimming Pool

Did you know that your pool heater is the most complicated pool equipment you own? They consist of a number of moving parts using either gas or electricity to give heat. To make sure your heater is good to go at any time, you need to treat it as you do the heating and cooling system inside your home. That means regular maintenance and service from pool heating experts.

When was the last time you serviced your Pool Heater? If it hasn’t had regular upkeep expensive repairs could happen, also heater might need replacing. Don’t wait for your energy bill skyrocket, or the heater stops working. A check-up and simple repair could avoid expensive costs in the future.

Pool Heater Service – What Do We Check?

First off, we check electrical issues with your heater, secondly, we look for corrosion and rust, especially with Salt Water Chlorination. We handle simple repairs quickly. Small pests can set-up shop in your heater which can affect performance, so cleaning is a necessity. We also look for leaks that can pollute the water and cause control failure.

We look out for clogged lines, dirty burners, broken heating elements, issues with the heater’s ignition, and check for aging parts. Falling leaves and other debris can impact heating and can cause your heater to shut off early, or stop turning on.

Any damage that requires costly repairs, possibly replacement under warranty. We will check your heater’s warranty. Most pool heater warranties span 10-12 years. You may even have an extended warranty that you’ve forgotten. So, what better time than now to have us check out your pool heater.

Pool Heater Maintenance Sherman Oaks Repairs

How often should I check my Pool Heater?

Pool heater maintenance should happen once a year, at least. Make this part of your annual to-do list along with other scheduled home care. Talk with your weekly pool service professional about setting a time for you.

Be aware that if your heater has stopped working, or is showing problems, also it is dangerous to inspect it on your own. Our customers safety is one of our key values and priority. Call a professional with any sign of pool heating trouble every time.