Glass Bead Tile Blasting Sherman Oaks

Glass Bead Tile Blasting Sherman OaksIt’s time for glass bead pool tile blasting Sherman Oaks. We not only do bead blasting on tile we also remove pond scum from your waterfall, fountain and rocks. When your waterfall and other water features are not cleaned weekly, the build-up begins. Rocks, just like pool tiles, collect water deposit such as calcium and other minerals found in hard water. The unsightly debris doesn’t stop there. Waterfalls, fountains and pool area rocks collect dirty, slimy fungus. Glass bead blasting is the solution to maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your outdoor oasis. When blast cleaning tiles and rocks our professionals will quickly and efficiently remove fuzzy, stringy algae from all rock surfaces including the most troubled areas. Our repairmen have over 20 years experience and are experts in the blasting technique. When having someone do this work for you it’s always best to hire a professional with the right equipment and experience to do the cleaning right with no damage. When cleaning by glass bead blasting it removes all unsightly contaminants from the tile and rock surfaces.

Soda and Glass Bead Tile Blasting Sherman Oaks

The process uses with fine grade smooth glass beads and will not damage the surface of your tiles, waterfall rocks, fountain, pool rocks, even brick and lava rock. We also do salt blasting and soda blasting as an option. All using the same technique propelling the media at a high-speed on to the surface needing cleaned. Blasting is the most efficient way to get this tough job done. No need for metal brushes and harsh chemicals. We restore tiles, waterfall, fountain and pool rocks to like new condition. It’s time for your exotic pool to look wanted once again. You and your friends think so. Remember, it’s important to support your pool and outdoor features by regular weekly cleaning. That way your pool and spa is safe for swimming and ensured to always be in top condition. If left for a long period the build up can get to the point where you will need to start replacing tiles. Not only does it look bad when you neglect your pool but it also is unsanitary and not safe for swimming. The last thing you want is you, your friends or family swimming in some fungus! Call us today to speak with one of our pool, ‘make it look new’, repairman.

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