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Pool Maintenance Help Sherman Oaks

Pool Maintenance Help

Pool maintenance help Sherman Oaks homeowners can rely on from certified technicians. If you’ve made up your mind to make this year the time to get  the swimming pool back in shape consider hiring a professional. The upkeep to keep up your swimming pool can take a lot of time and leave you with less free time to do the things you want to with friends and family. By having a company with experience to keep your swimming pool supported each week there will be no need to buy cleaning supplies or having to do difficult repairs. Our company gets many calls from pool owners who have kept up their system on their own and get stumped when equipment like a pool filter breaks  or pump stops working. It’s always best to have someone manage not only equipment but also water quality in the swimming pool too. If you have ever had burning eyes after a swim there s an issue with the chemical balance. Besides keeping an eye on water chemistry and making sure equipment is running It’s good it’s smart to have a professional do the weekly cleaning too. Areas like the bottom and sides of the pool needs cleaning at least once a week. When adding all these things up it adds up to peace of mind. No need to stress out about the regular maintenance and in the end having a professional pool maintenance cleaning and supporting your pool and its equipment will save money and expensive repairs.

Pool Maintenance Help Sherman Oaks

Certified Pool Maintenance Help Sherman Oaks

  • Weekly Cleaning
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Underwater Light Repairs
  • Automation Set-Ups
  • Acid Washing
  • Water Leak detection
  • DWP Pump Rebate Installs
  • Green Pool Clean-Ups

Our expert swimming pool technicians and repairmen have maintained swimming pools big and small for both residential and commercial businesses all throughout the San Fernando Valley for the last two decades. Our team is not only good at what we do but we’re certified to fix, upgrade and repair equipment like pool pumps. Speaking of pool pumps do you still have an old single speed model installed? DWP is offering rebates where you can save $1,000 on a new variable speed pump hen bought and installed by a certified aquatic technician. This deal good for single family homes only. Multi-speed pumps can save up to 80% in energy which over time will cut the cost of your energy bill. The rebate won’t last forever so 2016 is a great year to upgrade your pump and save.

Contact us for Help with Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance help Sherman Oaks owners who like to swim get rid of the tasks of up keep and free more time in the water. Custom services allow us to do everything from installing new underwater lights, automating your equipment and even performing duties like checking for pool leaks and replace and repair mastic along the decking. If you’re sick and tired of maintaining the pool in the water on your own with affordable weekly cleaning services that take care of all the responsibilities of maintenance and we’ll make sure your Sherman Oaks pool stays clean and swim safe.



Fix Cloudy Pool Water Sherman Oaks

Fix Cloudy Pool Water Sherman OaksSherman Oaks swimming pool owners ask us all the time about fixing cloudy water issues. Crystal clear water is vital to fully enjoy your backyard pool. As soon as the water gets cloudy and murky there’s a problem somewhere that needs fixed. There is a few reasons that will lead cloudy pool water. Here is a breakdown of the most common issues that turn your water murky and cloudy. Two leading contributors to water becoming hazy looking is pool equipment and the chemical balancing. Most times a chemical imbalance is to blame but not always. To make sure the water chemistry is balanced buy a water test kit. Factors like the pH and the calcium hardness makes a cloudy pool and lower than normal chlorine levels show some sort of contamination.

Clean Murky Pool Water Sherman OaksFor equipment check your filter to make sure its the proper size for your pool. Your pump and motor should also be the correct size to match your filter. Pumps that are too large can cause filtration issues leading to overcast looking water. Always have a clean pool filter so the water flows as it should. If you have a sand filter that has not been serviced and clean for a few years it needs cleaning and inspected too. For swimming pools that use a DE filter make sure to clean the parts inside before charging back up with DE powder. Also look at how long your filter runs daily. A good rule of thumb is to have your filter running 8-12 hours a day. Many cloudy water issues that plague Sherman Oaks pools is fixed by having your pool cleaned on a weekly schedule. Just vacuuming the bottom and brushing the walls of your pool on a regular schedule.Swimming water needs regularly maintained so it always has a crystal clean look. If left un-maintained for even a short amount of time algae and mold will build up making the water cloudy. If your pool is cloudy do not swim in it. To be safe it’s best to hire a professional to look over your entire pool system to find the cause of the cloudy water.

Selling a Sherman Oaks Swimming Pool Home? Clean that Pool!

Clean Swimming Pool For Sherman Oaks Home For SaleGot a Sherman Oaks swimming pool home currently on the market? Then it’s time to make sure that back yard paradise is in top form. A swimming pool adds value to your home but a clean and well-maintained swimming pool will and profits to your pocket! If your swimming pool has inflatables in it and children’s play things laying around store those away when showing the house. If you do not have any furniture in the backyard consider hiring a company to stage an inviting outdoor pool lounging paradise. Once the potential buyer gets an image in his or her head of hanging out with family or close friends in the scene you created, you that deal may close sooner than later.

For swimming pool homes being shown regularly it’s best to hire a professional Sherman Oaks swimming pool company to do the regular maintenance and upkeep. Repair any equipment like pumps, filters, motors  that need fixing. Make sure the pool repair man takes care of those issues and corrects them. When everything is in perfect working order you are maximizing the value your well maintained, clean and repair free swimming pool adds to your Sherman Oaks home.




Sherman Oaks Pool Party Ideas

Sherman Oaks Pool Party IdeasSherman Oaks pool party ideas to take your summer soir to the next level. if you plan on inviting friends over for a weekend of fun besides having a clean pool and backyard, safety should always be the main concern. If any children are present adult supervision is vital. Also if you have any rules when in and around the water make sure your guests fully understand them. To keep your guests entertained you need to make sure there are lots of activities to keep everyone busy. In and out of the water here are a few ideas to make your pool party at success. if your firing up the BBQ and there’s food and drinks involved start with matching plates and cups. If you have a patio you can buy matching streamers and other colorful decorations. a great idea on a sunny day is to buy solar lights that are not only decorative through the day but also at a great accent when your party extends past sundown.

  • Color matching plates for food & drinks
  • Colorful balloons and streamers
  • Inflatable rafts and lounges for guests
  • Host a swim relay for family
  • Water Volleyball & Water Polo
  • King of the raft with noodles
  • Old time classic marco polo
  • Treasure hunt diving contest

Fun Sherman Oaks Pool Party Ideas

Pool Party Games Sherman OaksTo make your guests comfortable in the water inflatable rafts and lounges are a great way to relax and keep cool during your party. For the children colorful noodles are always great to have around and they offer many hours of fun with various games. A fun game to play is king of the raft. This is where you get two people on two rafts and try to knock each other off with the noodles. for more competitive games Relays lap races are always a fun time for family, friends and bragging rights. water polo and water volleyball are fun activities that are also great water based low-impact exercises. Who said you can’t get fit while having fun in the water? another idea is the good old standard Marco Polo. That’s where one person closes their eyes and the other people in the water have to respond with the word polo every time the person with their eyes closed yells Marco.

If it’s a night-time pool party that you’re hosting lighting will play a very important role. For safety reasons it’s critical that you have a fully functioning underwater light. to really make the water sparkle and come alive there’s various floating lights that truly transform the water. If you have a lot of landscaping solar landscape lights are great to make sure your guests can find their way around your backyard. With automated systems you can even have your lighting transform the mood with the click of a button. We’ve seen many Sherman Oaks clients pools at night and there’s no better way to wow your guests than being able to control the atmosphere of your pool party at night from your smart-phone.

We hope some of the these ideas help make your summer swim party a slashing success. Our company has been here in the west San Fernando Valley for over 20 years and have always been a part of the Sherman Oaks Community. If you need someone to aid with maintenance, repairs of equipment installations give us a call. Our aquatic technicians are local the Sherman Oaks area and our trucks are always stocked with everything need to keep up and support your backyard paradise.

Cleanup With Terrell’s Sherman Oaks Pad With Pool

Sherman Oaks Resident Terrell O's Swimming Pool HomeOnly two years old this clean Sherman Oaks residential house with pool and water features is ready for new owners. Our repairmen were replacing an under water pool light for a nearby client and saw some good-looking folks checking the house out. From the pics of the pool you can see that’s this is a nice hang out spot during summer to catch some rays plus take a dive or two in the swimming pool. Fully automated set-up with a well maintained waterfall, fountain and raised up spa. Our technicians are always in the Sherman Oaks area so if the new owners just so happen to see this post give us a call for the best pool maintenance, weekly service or pump and motor replacements.

Green Pool Cleanup for Summer

Green Pool Cleanup Sherman OaksEvery year at this time calls come in from Sherman Oaks pool owners for emergency green pool cleanup situations. Right before the memorial day weekend pool companies like ours get weekly calls from home owners who look to their backyard considering some sort of pool party for the holiday weekend and quickly see their pool is not ready. It’s best to have a professional swimming pool technician that’s licensed and is an expert at restoring murky green pool’s to swim safe, clean clear and blue. Once restored keeping your water clean and safe with a regular scheduled cleaning will make sure the green color does not return. If left unattended for even a few days you will notice a color change in the pool water from blue to green and the water may start to smell also. If left even longer with water sitting still that awful foul odor will become even more noticeable. Your neighbors will for sure start to also notice the smell coming from your back yard. Besides the obvious like being unsafe for swimming a green pool will turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other dangerous micro organisms. Your chances of becoming ill from this dramatically increases and that is true for the surrounding houses as well. Just a couple of years ago a woman in neighboring Studio City got the west Nile virus from a next door neighbors home. The home was a bank foreclosure and instead of dealing with extra costs the water went green from being untreated. When water gets to this unsafe level there a cases where home owners get fined if not correcting the issue within days. There are even Helicopters that fly over many Los Angeles cities looking for mosquito infected pools. A green pool is not hard to spot from 1,000 feet up we’ve been told. Fines can reach up to $1,000.00 for severe cases.

Green Pool Cleanup Sherman Oaks CA

When the water is cloudy and you no longer see the bottom when standing above and looking down its time to have your problem looked at. Other factors like unbalanced water chemistry, bacteria and poor equipment maintenance on pumps and filters will further speed up the problem. If your pool has any of the above then it’s time for a green pool cleaning to make it safe for swimming but also ready for you to enjoy during the upcoming summer months. After the algae, bacteria or equipment problem is fixed a regular upkeep service for  your pool is important. If the cleaning falls behind and equipment not properly maintained the water will soon be not safe for swimming and green once again. It can take a bit of time to keep up the water safety and cleanliness of your pool on a busy schedule. This is a main reason many Sherman Oaks pool owners hire us for a green pool cleanup and then also help to support their pool or spa on a weekly bi-weekly basis to keep it blue and ready for swimming anytime.

Bears in Swimming Pools, LOL!

Bear in Sherman Oaks Pool

Teddy-Bear-Ready-To-Swim-in-PoolHomeowners are always catching Bears in their Swimming Pool trying to beat the heat. This is not in Sherman Oaks thankfully! I mean, who can blame them. A cool dip in the cold water when its hot and unBEARable is the perfect solution to beat the summer heat for anyone including bears!

Loni Anderson’s Sherman Oaks Home With Saltwaler Pool


Lori Anderson Custom Pool HouseLoni Anderson has her Sherman Oaks home with Saltwater Swimming pool on the market. This is a clean deal at 2.299m could be your next pad. At the very least the new owners will have super soft skin with the salt water pool. You may recall Loni from her clean image on WKRP in Cincinnati back in the late 70s to early 80’s. Originally she bought the home with its custom pool back in 2007 for 1.9m and was also available last summer. House also includes a  luxurious living room and fireplace, an exquisite dining room with butler’s area and cocktail bar.,Another room for movie viewing plus balconies. Overall it’s got five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

DWP Pump Rebate for Sherman Oaks Pools

DWP Swimming Pool Pump Rebate Sherman Oaks

DWP is offering Sherman Oaks pool owners up to $1,000 just by replacing your old single pump to a new energy-efficient variable speed pump and motor. Besides saving lots of money there are many other benefits by upgrading your pool pump. Of course you’ll be helping the environment and using less energy but more importantly you will be spending less on your annual energy costs. We’ve seen reports of up to $1500 per year being saved just by upgrading your pool system. You will need a certified aquatic technician to buy and install your pump to receive the thousand dollar DWP rebate. Your certified aquatic technician will also need to set your pump to run between the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 10 a.m. Our company has serviced and done regular upkeep for residential swimming pools in the San Fernando Valley for over 20 years. This is the first time in all these years that we’ve seen such a big discount being offered with these current DWP rebates. Sherman Oaks DWP Swimming Pool Pump RebateIn order to receive your rebate you will need to complete the upgrade before December 31st 2015. The DWP is also offering an ongoing $500 rebate that you can qualify for without the need of a certified technician for the install. Either way that you go you’re going save money, saving energy and doing the best thing for the planet. You also will be reducing the wear and tear on all of your pool equipment and that will mean less chances of expensive repairs and costly replacements in the future. Whatever you do don’t delay on this rebate offer. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a variable speed swimming pool pump just in time for summer swimming fun and parties. With all the major makers like Hayward, Zodiac and Aqualink among other making affordable variable speed pumps the price is definitely right and when you factor in the rebate you will be getting it’s almost like getting your new multi speed, energy-saving pool pump for free.

Liberace Piano Pool in Sherman Oaks

One of the most famous pools around is right here in Sherman Oaks. In 1953 Liberace moved into the famous home on Valley Vista Blvd. He lived there with his mom and brother George. Not much has changed since Liberace moved out in 1957 and now the home and its piano shaped swimming pool are popular tour stop. Liberace made more money than any other entertainer when this house was built in the fifties. Complete with musical notes on the fence and black and white pool step piano keys. This is truly a must see attraction in Sherman Oaks.

Liberace Sherman Oaks Piano Shaped Pool