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Summer Pool Safety Tips

With summer nearing here’s some summer pool safety tips to help Sherman Oaks residents with pools keep safe swimming conditions. With more use comes the open door for mishaps to occur in the patio, pool or spa. Staying away from mishaps around swimming pools by using means of prevention is critical for a safe swim environment. With friends, family and youthful ones assembling around pools its best cut the dangers before happening. Before you put on the suntan lotion learn how to guard a pool for summer and through the year.

Sherman Oaks Summer Pool Safety Tips

With small children, it’s best to have an adult direct swimming youngsters or playing close to the water. Notwithstanding assigning a person to watch out for swimmers is one of many incredible pool safety tips alone. Even experienced swimmers who are up in years get into swimming troubles as well. Having a fence that is no less than 5 ft. tall will likewise shield the little ones from entering the water surprisingly. An edge fence around the water is the one thing that thing that will forestall swimming mishaps including kids entering water unsupervised.

Sherman Oaks Summer Pool Safety Tips

  • Continuously have a supervisor when pools used
  • 5t ft Tall fence for pools with children to prevent entry
  • No running or clowning around on the deck of the pool
  • Know CPR if an accidental drowning should arise
  • Keep emergency treatment kits nearby
  • Post clear pool usage rules
  • Review equipment week after week
  • Clean pool every week, or all the more regularly

Having chemicals adjusted weekly and the pool cleaned every week secures safe water conditions. Additionally having the correct emergency safety gear near is likewise an essential piece of protecting swimmers. This incorporates safety flotation devices and emergency treatment kits. A swimmer’s hair or clothing will need cutting if caught in a drain so having scissors in your safety kit is smart. CPR is swimming pool safety too. Always have clearly posted emergency numbers in case of accidents. With such a large number of incidental drownings, every year in the backyard pools of homes, do all conceivable to cut the dangers of a mishap happening. Try to talk with loved ones about the security and safety standards you’ve set for the swimming pool.

We love to clean pools but also help keep folks safe. With more than 20 years of pool administration in the Sherman Oaks region, we trust these swimming pool security tips keep your water considerably more swim-safe.

Change Swimming Pool Water

Changing The Pool Water How Often

When to change swimming pool water is a popular question with Sherman Oaks homeowners with pools. This is important knowledge because of lifted drought restrictions. It’s best to empty pool water every 5 to 7 years. Other things like how often vacuumed, chemical balancing and type of filter also play a role. The frequency of when its service is another important factor. Do you have a professional pool cleaning once a week? Or are you doing it yourself when time allows?

The reasons you change the water are many. If the water is not checked and chemicals balanced at least once a week PH levels and chlorine levels become unsafe. When neglected mineral buildup appears other harmful bacteria will start to show up too. As a rule of thumb its best to have PH levels ranging between 7.2 and 7.6 for optimal swim safe conditions.

Change Swimming Pool Water Sherman OaksChange Swimming Pool Water Sherman Oaks

How often you change swimming pool water also depends on the type of water used. It’s common for many homes in the Sherman oaks area our company cleans each week to use both hard and soft water. Some of the pools we service have a saltwater system too. Swimming pools that have hard water need more attention and it’s important to brush and scrub the walls and plaster often.

Another time where it’s best to change water is when pool water has turned green. Many times the water will also smell bad and nobody wants a stinky backyard. At this point shocking the water is an alternative, but in worst case scenarios it’s best to change swimming pool water.

We understand that the swimming pool is the centerpiece for many families in the Sherman oaks area. Changing the water every 5 to 7 years makes sure your oasis stays safe for family and friends. Need more info about changing swimming pool water in the Sherman Oaks area? Our company has proudly serviced swimming pools in the west Valley for more than 20 years.

2017 DWP Residential Pool Pump Rebates

Good news 2017 DWP Residential Pool Pump Rebates for single family in-ground pools in Sherman oaks extended. The DWP has extended their popular $1000 rebate for the year of 2017. That means if your system is still using an old one-speed model up you can now save $500 or $1000 when upgrading to a variable speed model. Rebates are only good for already installed residential pools and do not include ponds, fountains and water features.

2017 DWP Residential Pool Pump Rebates

  • Residential in-ground pools only
  • Must switch one-speed pump to variable speed
  • Picture proof of current one-speed pump required
  • Pump purchased & installed by certified aquatic technician
  • Must run during off-peak from 8:00 p.m. to 9:59 a.m.

2017 DWP Residential Pool Pump RebatesThis is a great time of year for Sherman oaks swimming pool owners who have a one-speed pump to swap it out for a more energy-efficient variable speed model. It’s a win-win situation because not only will you be saving money but also cutting your energy costs. With all that cash saved and lower electricity bills use that money for other things. When replacing your old pump and installing a new variable speed model you’ll be saving up to up 80% on your operating costs. In order to receive the $1000 swimming pool pump rebate, a certified aquatic technician will buy and install the new pump. Photo of the current one-speed model installed required. Your new pump will run during off-peak hours which is between 8:00 PM to 9:59 AM.

For further info contact our Sherman Oaks pool cleaning company today about replacing your pool pump. We answer all questions plus also get the right size pump that’s best for your system. We also will handle the rebate requirements. Our certified aquatic technicians have years of experience replacing and installing variable speed pumps.

Residential Pool Service Sherman Oaks, Weekly, Repairs

Residential Pool Cleaning Services

News for residential pool service Sherman Oaks to make the best of the new year. It’s 2017 and now is a great time to schedule any repairs or set up maintenance for upcoming months. Our company gets approached during the first warm days of spring and that’s because something’s wrong with the pool. A broken pump. Filter broke also letting sand back into the water. Heaters not warming water. Other issues like water turning green and needing restored to a swim safe blue are common. During colder months pools used less in need of maintenance or repairs are left undone.

Residential Pool Service Sherman Oaks

We’re here to help lend a hand and do any fixes needed plus also set up custom pool cleaning services meant to fit busy schedules. Make this new year the best for you and your backyard water playground.

Residential Pool Service Sherman Oaks, Repairs, Installations

  • Affordable Weekly Cleaning Services
  • Certified Equipment Repairs for Pumps, Motors
  • Green Water Cleanups
  • Underwater light replacements
  • Leak detection troubleshooting
  • Filter repair and replacement
  • Plaster acid washing services
  • DWP Pump Rebate Installations

A pool supported by professionals also means it’s ready all days of the year. We also know folks are busy and having extra time to make sure water is safe and clean is forgotten at times. By hiring experts to keep up your backyard oasis no longer stress about finding the time to do the weekly cleaning and equipment checks. We handle brushing the walls, vacuuming the debris from the bottom and skimming the top. Making sure water chemicals are at safe levels and equipment running smoothly is another benefit of having a pro in your corner.

Best Pool Cleaning Services Sherman Oaks

Expert Sherman Oaks Pool Services

If you are looking for a hand at regularly keeping your pool maintained also in working order without the work call us today. For decades our expert service teams have also maintained residential pools in Sherman Oaks large and small. With so many years of knowledge its easy to see why we’re one of the best Sherman Oaks pool service companies in the area.

Best Pool Pump Residential Pools

Residential Pool Pumps

What’s the best pool pump residential pools in the Sherman Oaks area when looking to save money? If upgrading your pool’s water pumping capabilities you’re not alone. This is one of the most asked questions our company gets. Why is it such a popular topic? Older one speed pumps use more energy because they run on one speed only. Whereas new multi speed models save thousands each year and run at different speeds. With cost savings on all our minds having a variable speed pump makes sense and saves dollars. Who doesn’t want to save money!

Choosing Best Pool Pump Residential Pools

One method for guaranteeing pools stay maintained is having water flowing as it should. Residential home owners need a dependable pump that pumps water quickly and efficiently. The pump is the most vital part of the pools system playing a significant part on how clean the water is. Having a reliable pump that will handle the size and amount of water your pool has is very important. Getting a pump that’s not the right size for your pool will lead to nothing but headaches.

  • Choose a unit that fits your budget
  • Get a unit that’s the right size

Best Pool Pump Residential PoolsVariable speed pool pumps use much less energy-saving money because they run at lower speeds when needed. This means homeowners save up to $1500 dollars less per year to run compared to running older units. In addition the DWP now has pool pump rebates that save $1000.00 when installing a new variable speed pump. Old one speed pumps are extreme energy hogs costing homeowners thousands of dollars each year in added energy costs. They are inexpensive which is true although cost more to run. This is a stark comparison to variable speed pool pumps that run a various speeds to handle different tasks.

When choosing the best pool pump to install or fix Sherman Oaks residents need to consider how many functions it will or does it serve? A unit that’s easy to use is always good because they are less complicated. Pools and spas are a great way to rewind and relax and having a broken pump keeping you out of the water is no fun. If you’s like to know more about which pump is right for you call us for a free consultation.

Variable Speed Pool Pump Cost Savings

Pool Winterizing Sherman Oaks

Warm Weather Pool Winterizing

Pool Winterizing Sherman Oaks pools in this part of the state? It doesn’t happen often because there’s not much cold weather here during winter months. In fact, swimming at midnight in December is common at 80 degrees. No need to shut down the watery fun like other colder climates. Therefore keep on using and enjoying the pool year round! Things to consider when it’s colder and storming the damage debris will cause. Heavy wind and rain will damage filters and pumps if not regularly checked and maintained. Service the swimming pool each week with cleanings and monthly equipment checks. This is important because during winter months pools do get used less often.

Pool Winterizing Sherman Oaks

Pool Winterizing Sherman Oaks CA

In areas where cold weather prevails winterizing is a necessary service. This is because of the amount of water that will freeze and burst pipes. Not winterizing pools in freezing temps causes damage entire swimming pool systems. When weatherizing pool equipment like pumps, motors, and filters in these areas it prevents expensive repairs in the spring. Similar but not as drastic winterizing Sherman Oaks on a lighter scale will cut wear on your equipment and keep swimming water balanced. It’s a great thing being able to swim all year round and not have to worry about the stress and extra cost of preparing your pool for winter . Of course, there’s still things to do which are maintaining proper water chemistry and keeping up with the weekly maintenance.

Again, make sure that you keep an eye on your swimming pool equipment like the filter and skimmer. Especially during and after winter storms because leaves, dirt, and debris builds up fast. Lots of times we get emergency repair calls because of the extra debris that collects during stormy and windy conditions clogging up the filter and skimmer. At the end of the day feel safe knowing that keeping an eye on your equipment and weekly cleaning will keep water swim safe through the colder months here in Sherman Oaks.

Pool Filter Maintenance

Pool Filter Maintenance and Tips

Pool filter maintenance gets overlooked by many Sherman Oaks pool owners until it’s too late and something needs fixed. When a filter gets dirty and plugged up water pressure drops and conditions get un safe for swimming. If a pool filter hasn’t been serviced in a few years then it’s definitely in need of a cleaning because that’s too long to wait. Our service technicians are always being asked about the life expectancy of filters. Cartridge filters last two to three years and DE and sound filters last longer at 7 to 10 years.

How can you how can you tell if your pool filter needs cleaning? One indicator is cloudy water conditions that seem and having to clean your filters often. It’s important to understand that when your filters are dirty it puts extra stress on equipment like pumps and motors. This extra wear and tear on your equipment can lead to expensive equipment repairs. The last thing you want on a nice summer day before taking a swim is seeing the water is cloudy with no way to clear it up.

Pool Filter Maintenance Sherman Oaks

Pool Filter Maintenance Sherman Oaks CA

  • Cartridge Filters Replaced
  • Sand Filter Repairs
  • DE Filter Maintenance

Pool filter maintenance needs to always be an item on the top of your cleaning list. If not kept up and cleaned debris will re-enter the water causing unsafe swimming water. The best way to keep your filter working as it should is to hire a professional pool cleaning company for regular maintenance. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep up your water cleanliness, equipment and water chemistry. When filters are dirty all the above are open to problems. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your filter or had it inspected now is the time.

Our Sherman Oaks company has offered residential pool owners reliable maintenance for over two decades. From weekly, daily and custom cleanings to certified installs and repairs. For more information about pool filter maintenance cleaning services call us today.

Removing Pool Algae

Removing Pool Algae Sherman OaksWhen removing pool algae Sherman Oaks homeowners need to act fast because spores turn into blooms and that’s bad. Algae is a serious threat due to the fact that water becomes unsafe when it’s not removed. If not caught early, especially with black algae, expensive repairs will be the result. The first thing to do when a pool has algae is find the type of algae it is. Yellow greenish algae is common and found growing on walls and steps. When pools get maintained weekly blooms will not sprout up and water will stay clear and clean. Common types of algae are green algae, yellow mustard algae, pink algae and black algae. Black algae is serious because it grows very quickly when water is warm and the sun is out. Black algae is also the hardest to remove because its outer layer protects it from treatments.

When algae spores appear it’s because the water circulation is bad, a bad filter or the chemical levels are off.

Removing Pool Algae Sherman Oaks

  • Shock treatment
  • Algaecide Treatment
  • Shock treatment & Algaecide

Want to make sure algae stays away? The key to removing pool algae spores is to catch them early. Brushing walls with a wire brush for plaster or vinyl brush for vinyl, tile and fiberglass helps keep algae away. It’s vital to make sure filters are clean because that is an algae cause too. When back washing make sure to have that done as soon as possible. If it is the filters that’s causing the algae growth the repaired filter will need to run for a full day during the algae treatments.

Algae Removal Sherman Oaks

Does you’re Sherman Oaks swimming pool has a bad algae problem? Our pool cleaning company recommends shocking the water more than once. This will make sure the water is back to a clear blue. When doing multiple shock treating cloudy water is normal for the first day.

Unlicensed Versus Licensed Sherman Oaks Pool Services

Licensed Sherman Oaks Pool ServicesIf looking for licensed Sherman Oaks Pool Services you may come across some unlicensed companies. In order to run a swimming pool cleaning company people need a license and many folks don’t know this. It’s vital to have persons you can trust. Our team has heard many tales of less than ideal companies who are not licensed that have damaged equipment when doing unlicensed repairs.  It’s imperative to realize that operating a pool cleaning organization requires licenses. Sometimes owners cut expenses by not employing an authorized company and have an unlicensed personal handle the cleaning and repairs. We know people need to cut week by week pool support costs and may attempt to run with an unlicensed contractor… however is it justified, despite all the trouble?

Why Hire Licensed Sherman Oaks Pool Services

Pool cleaning companies need staff that have taken and passed state exams before any permits get issued. These exams and tests give pool technicians the required know how about your pool water and it’s hardware. Licensed Sherman Oaks pool services by those who have studied, taken and breezed through the tests. We know all the most recent and current code changes in the San Fernando Valley. This is the reason it’s best to just contract an authorized pool maintenance company to do the week by week cleanings, equipment checks and to keep water safe for swimming.

Is my pool company licensed?

Hire Licensed Sherman Oaks Pool ServicesThis gets asked regularly. Simply ask whether they have a license or not. A legit pool cleaner will show a permit and allow to you to check their status. In the event that there is any issue with giving verification then spare inconvenience and keep away. Be savvy about it and pose some questions. Water chemistry science and repairing and replacing variable speed pool pumps for DWP rebates, changing filters and motors is best done by a certified aquatic technician. By using an authorized pool organization to bolster your swimming pool and spa you’re having an expert keep up all parts of your swimming pool. What’s more laborers for licensed companies have been background checked. It doesn’t need much thinking to know that it comes down to letting persons on your property to  manage your swimming pool who you can trust. Having a licensed Sherman Oaks pool company takes out the anxiety with regards to worrying if your pool services done by licensed aquatic technicians

Charlies Clean Sherman Oaks Pool Home Up For Grabs

Charlie’s super clean Sherman Oaks pool home is now ready for a new owner. One of the finest estates in the area with a beautiful swimming pool and outside entertaining area. Overlooking the valley this is one sweet pad. He also owns another residential home a few blocks away that also has a great water leisure area for unwinding. We take care of other swimming luxury water holes near here and we know it has all the latest automation features and custom lighting set-ups. For just over 6 and one half we’d have to get a few more weekly cleaning clients? Speaking of saving money the DWP has extended their $1000 variable multi-speed pump rebates into 2016. That means if you are still using that old one speed pump to get the water in and out of your pool then it’s time to replace and upgrade that energy eater!

Clean Sherman Oaks Pool

Mr Sheens’s Super Clean Sherman Oaks Pool Home

Charlies Maintained Sherman Oaks Pool