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Pool Pump Water Leak Repair

When it comes to fixing a pool pump water leak it’s vital to first determine the cause. Often when leaks are under the pump it’s because there is a leak on the pressure side. It’s best to check the impeller housing, seals and o-rings. If you find that any are cracked they need replacing. Other water leaks happen at the piping system where the water goes in and out. At this location, there are threaded connectors that may also be the cause of the leak. If your pool has either of these issues above the fix is relatively easy.

There are a few common water leaks at the pump piping connectors and motor connectors, If you notice water leaking where water enters the pump it’s likely that the leak is caused by an air leak. Leaks, where water gets released out, are most commonly due to a water leak. Usually starts small with a few drops then gets worse over time. Whereas having an issue with leaks from the spot where the motor attaches to the pump is often caused by faulty shaft seals.

Pool Pump Water Leak Sherman Oaks


  • The pump has problems getting water to move when starting.
  • No response when power is switched on
  • Power’s on, but nothing happening
  • Water has to be added to the pump and started up more often to run properly.
  • The filter tank pressure is lower than usual.
  • Pool water is often cloudy.
  • Skimmer baskets float instead of normal set position.
  • The pool needs vacuuming often.


  • Water drips and or spraying at pump pipe connection.
  • Water puddling at pump base trickling down the side.
  • Pool losing water.


  • Water puddles under the center of the pump below the pump motor connection.
  • The surrounding area has been damaged by water.
  • Loud noises being made by the motor.

If any of the issues above match your situation something needs repairing. Its best at this point to have a professional pool technician inspect your pool system. Our aquatic technicians are here to help you if needed. We will find the problem and fix it for you fast. Remember that If you wait too long the damage will get worse and more expensive to repair.

Springtime Pool Cleaning 5 Tips

Spring Swimming Pool Preperation Sherman Oaks

It’s usually right around this time that our pool cleaners in Sherman Oaks receive calls about best practices for springtime pool cleaning. If you are a homeowner getting ready for your spring cleaning why not add the pool to the list as well. Here are five easy tips to follow making sure your swimming pool and spa is ready for the summer months.

Springtime Pool Cleaning Tips

Springtime Pool Cleaning 5 Tips

  1. The first thing you want to do is get rid of all the grime and dirt built up from winter. A good place to start is the side walls and pool steps. Make sure to brush them well because black algae like to form around these locations.
  2. Run the filter system for at least 8 hours and backwash the filter too. If your pool uses cartridge style filters run the sequence 2 times with old filters and then put the new ones in for a fresh start to the season.
  3. If your backyard has lots of trees flowers and shrubs make sure to remove any dead foliage from the pool deck area. Leaves another foliage gets into the pool and before you know it will be at the bottom making a mess.
  4. One thing that’s common when the air heats up is the arrival of algae and bacteria. Checking your pool water chemistry will help keep up swim safe conditions all season. But also making sure pH and chlorine levels are properly balanced guarantees comfy swim water.
  5. Pool pumps need to be checked out before the summer and if thinking about upgrading a one-speed pump now is a good time to hire a professional to install a variable speed model pump that’s energy friendly.

By following these five easy steps have a clean pool for summer and enjoy! You also are making sure by cleaning and balancing the water your swimming pool runs properly. Enjoy your beautifully cleaned house for Springtime and relax out by the clean pool when you’re finished.

Pool Cleaners Near Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks Pool and Spa Cleaning Experts

For Sherman Oaks homeowners that need help with their springtime pool cleaning contact us today. We offer affordable weekly maintenance plans and offer expert equipment repairs on pumps and filters.

Pool Cleaning Basics

Best Pool Cleaning Company Sherman Oaks CA

Do you need pool cleaning basic info because you just moved into a new Sherman Oaks home with a swimming pool? Are you looking to do it yourself because you’re cutting back on expenses? If you’ve never owned a swimming pool or looking for cleaning info below are great tips on how you can do it on your own. Knowledge is power and having the know-how will prevent equipment from failing and if problems occur you will know how to diagnose the issue.

Understanding Swimming Pool Cleaning Basics

Pool Cleaning Basics Sherman Oaks

Water Circulation
There are three vital steps to pool maintenance and that’s water circulation, cleaning methods, and water chemistry. Homeowners often don’t think how water moves through the system. Once the water is circulating as it should any algae growth and murky cloudy water conditions are a thing of the past. Water flow to the pump and how long the pump runs is vital to keep water clear and safe for swimming. The pump needs to run an average of 8 hours per day to keep up ideal water circulating conditions.

Pool Cleaning
When water is circulating correctly, which also lightly cleans, it’s time to know how often to do maintenance. Each week vacuuming, skimming, and brushing is important for proper maintenance. Vacuuming removes debris sunken to the floor while skimming removes floating debris. Brushing walls and steps also prevents algae growth. Do these pool maintenance tasks each week for proper care plus you’ll also prevent equipment problems.

Water Chemistry
One thing new homeowners have little knowledge about is the pool’s water chemistry. To keep water safe for swimming it’s best to know the different chemicals needing regularly checked. Thankfully you don’t have to know how to adjust your water chemistry because water testing kits are nearby at the local pool shop. These kits allow you to check water chemistry and include the needed chemicals and instructions on how to easily keep water chemistry balanced.

Excellent Pool Cleaning Company Sherrman Oaks

Pool Cleaning Solutions in Sherman Oaks

Need help with keeping your pool maintained on weekly basis or because you have equipment that needs repairing? Our company has serviced pools of all sizes. We work closely with commercial and residential clients. From small backyard ponds to large public facilities we are here to make cleaning worry-free. Call us today and speak with one of our local Sherman Oaks aquatic technicians about your pool cleaning project.

Pool Pump Replacement Questions?

When is the right time for a pool pump replacement? If left neglected or not maintained on a weekly basis replacements are common. There’s all sizes of pools and all types of pumps. What’s a homeowner to do when it’s either fixing or repairing? Is it a difficult project and can anybody handle it?pool pump replacement question

We know folks like to do the repairs themselves. Every once in a while problems arise that need the help of a professional. Also for homeowners looking to save money with DWP rebates a certified aquatic technician is also needed to receive the thousand-dollar rebate. This is for converting to a multi-speed energy-saving pump.

For times that need a pro its best to have a certified aquatic technician troubleshoot the pump. An expert will be able to check parts like bearings, impeller, and circuitry to verify everything is good. If any of the parts need replacing, and it’s an old one speed pump, consider a rebate. When going this route DWP offers up to $1,000 cash back via rebate. This will need a certified aquatic technician to also buy and install a variable speed pump. This pertains to the Los Angeles County area. Check your own local area for rebates that pertain to local service area.

Swimming Pool Pump Replacement Parts

If your swimming pool is used less often and sits for long periods of time, bearings and lubrication issues often harm the functionalities of the pump. To error is human and homeowners mistakenly plugged in the power for the pump into the wrong amp socket. Plugging into a 220 will burn up the motor.

What should you do if your pump has failed and it needs replaced? If the motor has long past its warranty replacing the pump and upgrading  is a good decision. Also if you live in an area that offers rebates when upgrading to an energy-efficient multi-speed pump that will cut the cost of your new pump even more.

Even though new pump often repair themselves sometimes it takes a professional to fix problems. Make sure to reach out to your local Pool Service Company to get further information on replacing your swimming pool pump. For single-family homeowners in the San Fernando Valley who would like to take advantage of the DWP rebates  call and speak with one of our aquatic technicians today to see if your pool qualifies.

Benefits of Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Here are some of the best weekly swimming pool maintenance benefits to having clean and safe water to swim in. Lots of folks who own pools go the do it yourself route. If maintenance is not kept up future problems will arise. When left neglected various issues like algae growth, clogged filters, and unbalanced water chemistry will occur. One main benefit is having experts who check equipment like filters, pumps, heaters and catch problems before becoming serious.

To help avoid any pricey repairs down the road we put together this for reasons why it’s a good idea to have your pool professionally maintained each week. Besides all the experience a pro brings homeowners also save heaps of hours that add up to a lot of free time for more important things.

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Benefits

  • Clear, Clean Water
  • Swim Safe Conditions
  • Properly Balanced Water Chemistry
  • Prevent Equipment Repairs
  • Save Time and Effort

Having a clean pool that’s ready to enjoy every day of the week is a benefit in itself. This is especially true if you’re the type of person who uses their pool daily. Folks who host a poolside get-together for friends and family get relief too. No more doing all the pool cleaning and maintenance before guests arrive. With warmer days ahead it’s best to also set up a weekly cleaning schedule to make sure pools are kept in the best condition.

Swimming Pool Weekly Maintenance Sherman Oaks

Expert Weekly Pool Maintenance Benefits

By having an expert show up weekly no need to worry about scheduling your own time. A pool service company will vacuüm the pool’s bottom, side walls, steps and clean above the waterline. This keeps water safe and looking it’s best. With a constant eye on how your pool functions each week your swimming pool equipment like pumps and filters also benefit from regular checks and inspections.

For folks who need a help and short on time call our Sherman Oak professionals for weekly swimming pool maintenance.

Pool safety for children – The ABC’s of Safety for Sherman Oaks Families

Pool Safety for Children ABC

Pool safety for children is important as we enter into this year’s swimming season. The days are getting longer, and the weather is heating up. You know what that means? Time for splash zones, brightly colored floating toys, and pool-parties with your family, friends, and neighbors. And all our kids, and theirs. Are your pool and poolside safe for younger children? Swimming pools are so much fun. But, they are also dangerous to families, especially those with infants and toddlers around. We make safe swimming for children a priority, and we’re sure you do, too.

Pool safety for children

Back in the 70’s when seatbelts and helmet laws didn’t exist, and homes still had asbestos and lead paint, swimming pool safety was a must-have for my Grandparents. They had pool rules, we were never allowed to splash out in the pool alone, there were first-aid kits, emergency numbers and a CPR chart hung nearby, and wrapped around the family pool was a barrier gate with a bulky lock. Not every family followed these rules and guidelines, nor do most households today. Not even with the pool injury and fatality statistics so staggering.

Frightening Child Drowning Statistics

Swimming pool drowning deaths is the number one cause of unintended death for children the ages of 1 and 4. 67% of swimming pool drowning deaths involved children younger than 3 years of age.The CDC reports that an average of 5 people who die from drowning are children 14 years and younger. For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries.

No one wants their family as part of those statistics, nor the young children in their lives. Don’t worry though, there are things we can all do to prevent swimming injuries and fatalities for our children. Most are simple and low-cost, while others are a bit more expensive. But, there is no price to put on child safety. Don’t let a child in your life be a drowning statistic.

Pool Safety for Children Sherman Oaks

The ABC’s of Pool Safety for Children

  • ACTIVELY supervise children when they swim. Public pools and shared residential swimming enforce a no-children under 14 unaccompanied rule. You should do the same. Things happen quickly. Be an arm’s length away from all small children, especially infants and toddlers, every time they swim. It isn’t safe to have children swimming alone, or with other young children. In the house, though only steps away is not close enough if an accident or preventable accident occurs.
  • BARRIER gates around the pool. My Grandparents’ gate was wrought iron, with two locks to secure it. He was a welder though, and not the norm for backyard gating. There are many options, including mesh fences, removable rubber or textile panels for homes where young kids (like grandchildren) visit but don’t live at, and others. There are varying price ranges. You can also install an alarm into the gate to make sure that sleepwalking, or wandering toddlers or small children don’t end up falling into the water.
  • CHILD, toddler, and infant swimming lessons. Local public pools and the YMCA offer low-cost swimming lessons. There are also swim schools, as well as services that will come to your own backyard to teach your young children safe swimming. Swim schools are a fun place for your young children to meet others who enjoy safe, outdoor fun.

Those are just a few safety Tips for pool safety for children. Some of the most important. But, there are more. Sherman Oaks Pool Service can help check your pool and pool surroundings for any safety issues, imbalances in chemicals, broken or worn equipment, and talk to you about other safety precautions. You deserve a fun and safe swim season, and we’re here to help. Give us a call today.



Residential Swimming Pool Top 5 Money Saving Tips

Pool Money saving tips

Residential Swimming Pool expenses are costly for Sherman Oaks Homeowners. Pool Services Sherman Oaks are experts at Weekly care and maintenance for your backyard friend. We know some great money-saving tips, too. We can help you save money on Swimming Pool Services, putting extra spending cash back in your bank account. All of us like to save money, and with the hotter months around the corner, we all want our pools beautiful and healthy. Make these Top 5 Tips part of your family routine and start planning what you want to spend your savings on.

Residential Swimming Pool Sherman Oaks

Residential Swimming Pool Top 5 Ideas to Save Money

  1. Regular Cleaning. Empty baskets so that leaves do not build-up, as well as other debris. Clogged baskets strain your pool’s motor which can break them. It’s key to check filters and baskets a few days each week. Also, a weekly swimming pool maintenance service is a huge help, as it takes away the worry of remembering and leaves the cleaning to us. We will make sure your filters and baskets keep empty and clean.
  2. Pool Pump – is your pool pump an older one-speed model? If so, take a look at the DWP pool pump replacement program. DWP renewed their program for 2018 giving rebates of $500 and $1,000 for single-family homes that upgrade. Now’s the best time to replace that old one-speed with an energy-saving variable speed pump. Save up to $90 in operating costs!
  3. Pool Pump Timer – Put your pump motor on an automatic timer box. Set it and forget it. Your pump motor will come on and off when you are away, at work, or out-of-town, and timers are only about $50 to buy, and we can help with low-cost installation.
  4. Pool Filters at Night  – By setting your pool filter to run at night you will slash running costs. Save energy and save dollars is a win-win.
  5. Swimming Pool Covers – You can reduce heating costs a lot by covering your pool. Solar Covers both warm the water in your pool during the day without using the heater and saves hundreds of gallons of water each year. Covers extend the seasonality for swimming, too, keeping the pool warmer longer. You can’t beat swimming longer and save money, can you?

Sherman Oaks Weekly Pool Services are Available Now

Residential swimming pool care costs money and time to keep you and your family safe and healthy. We want everyone splashing around in the clean and healthy water. These tips will both help you save money, and give you more time to spend doing the things you love. We also hope it keeps you and your family splashing as long as the weather allows, which, as we know is a lot of time here in the Valley. Give us a call to hear about more tips, also to find out about Weekly Pool Services that will help you save even more money – and time.

2018 DWP Pool Pump Rebates

Listen up DWP pool pump rebates extended through Dec 31st, 2018 for Sherman Oaks single-family homes. In order to get the $500 or $1,000 discount pools must still have old one-speed pumps and motors installed. Old pumps and motors use more power to run than most household appliances. By swapping pumps save up to 90% energy costs. Money saved because of slowing down the flow-rate of the water and changing the run times to run in off hours. Of course, lots of energy saved so DWP has this great incentive with their pool pump replacement program.

2018 DWP Pool Pump Rebates Sherman Oaks

Want to save $1,000 off the cost of a new multi-speed energy-efficient pool pump? LA County requires the work completed by a certified Aquatic Technician. Our team is LA county certified to install your new pump and motor. To get these huge DWP savings it’s required that the new variable speed pump purchased and installed by a LA County Certified Aquatic Technician. Photo proof also needed showing your single family home has a one-speed pump and motor currently installed. Homeowners who do their own purchasing and installing of a new variable speed pool pump without a certified technician will also save $500 with a DWP self-install rebate program.

Certified Installations for DWP Pool Pump Rebates

  • Single-family Sherman Oaks area In-ground pools
  • Must have one-speed pump now installed
  • Expert installation by our certified technician
  • Program pump to run off-hours (8:00 p.m. to 9:59 a.m.)

When upgrading your old pool pump and taking advantage of the DWP replacement program rebates it’s almost like getting a free pool pump! The only basic cost is for installing the new pump and motor and doing paperwork. Limited funds so there’s a chance the replacement program could end early so don’t wait.

Our team has been professionally managing Sherman Oaks swimming pools and spas for over 20 years. From weekly cleanings, equipment installations, lighting repairs, troubleshooting and certified pump installations were here to help. If you need more info on the DWP pump rebates call us today.

Pool Heater Maintenance Year Round Sherman Oaks Homeowners

Pool Heater Maintenance Repairs Year Round Sherman Oaks

Pool Heater Maintenance is a year-round need. With the weather cooling, even in the Valley, what better time to think of a warm swim. With swimming infrequent in the upcoming Winter months now is a key time to have for heater maintenance. A serviced heater can keep the swimming going longer, as well as avoid costly replacement in the future.

Pool Heater Maintenance and Your Swimming Pool

Did you know that your pool heater is the most complicated pool equipment you own? They consist of a number of moving parts using either gas or electricity to give heat. To make sure your heater is good to go at any time, you need to treat it as you do the heating and cooling system inside your home. That means regular maintenance and service from pool heating experts.

When was the last time you serviced your Pool Heater? If it hasn’t had regular upkeep expensive repairs could happen, also heater might need replacing. Don’t wait for your energy bill skyrocket, or the heater stops working. A check-up and simple repair could avoid expensive costs in the future.

Pool Heater Service – What Do We Check?

First off, we check electrical issues with your heater, secondly, we look for corrosion and rust, especially with Salt Water Chlorination. We handle simple repairs quickly. Small pests can set-up shop in your heater which can affect performance, so cleaning is a necessity. We also look for leaks that can pollute the water and cause control failure.

We look out for clogged lines, dirty burners, broken heating elements, issues with the heater’s ignition, and check for aging parts. Falling leaves and other debris can impact heating and can cause your heater to shut off early, or stop turning on.

Any damage that requires costly repairs, possibly replacement under warranty. We will check your heater’s warranty. Most pool heater warranties span 10-12 years. You may even have an extended warranty that you’ve forgotten. So, what better time than now to have us check out your pool heater.

Pool Heater Maintenance Sherman Oaks Repairs

How often should I check my Pool Heater?

Pool heater maintenance should happen once a year, at least. Make this part of your annual to-do list along with other scheduled home care. Talk with your weekly pool service professional about setting a time for you.

Be aware that if your heater has stopped working, or is showing problems, also it is dangerous to inspect it on your own. Our customers safety is one of our key values and priority. Call a professional with any sign of pool heating trouble every time.

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

The heat has arrived in the west Valley and here are some summer swimming pool maintenance tips for Sherman Oaks pools. Both residential and commercial pools get used much more than normal during the months of July, August and September. With all the extra activity comes increasing the pool maintenance to keep water clear and swim-safe. The most vital factors to keep an eye on during summer is water chemistry and extending filter running times.

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Sherman Oaks CA

If a pool loses its gem blue look often amid summer make sure that the filter is running longer every day. This will shield the water from getting murky looking and give safer swimming conditions. Keeping up the pool cleaning week after week or bi-weekly amid summer is a smart way to keep conditions their best.

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Sherman Oaks

Nothing like getting home on a hot work day to dive into the pool but the water has turned cloudy. This happens when the hot sun shines upon the pool for longer hours. One summer pool cleaning undertaking is to raise the chlorine levels. Put a couple of more tabs in the chlorinator or move the dial-up to legitimately bolster chlorine levels. In some cases shocking the swimming pool water will shield it from nasty green algae growth and hurtful microscopic organisms from making pool water cloudy.

Another reason Sherman Oaks pools need more maintenance in Summer is because lots of people are in the water during summer. Because of this there are loads of oils and trash from around the deck entering the water as well. That means it finds its way to the filters which will clog up in just a couple of days. Suntan and body oils will soon make a ring around the pools edge. Think of a ring found in a bathtub on a bigger scale. Week after week it’s best to scour the pool walls and tiles over the waterline. This will keep terrible looking green again and debris scum from showing up on the sides of the pool.