Basic Pool Cleaning Service

Looking for a basic pool cleaning service that is affordable, reliable and will keep water swim safe all year round?  Our Sherman Oaks based pool cleaning company has provided expert maintenance and equipment repairs for 20 years.

What type of services are included in our basic pool cleaning packages?

Basic Pool Cleaning Service Sherman Oaks

Our basic pool cleaning package includes skimming any debris or foliage from the water surface. It also includes emptying all the skimmers and pump baskets plus brushing the pool steps, floor and walls. In addition to those tasks, we also scrub and clean the water line around the pools border. Finally, our aquatic technician will vacuum the bottom of the pool removing any dirt and debris.

  • Skim water surface
  • Empty filter baskets
  • Brush walls, steps and bottom
  • Vacuum dirt and debris from pool floor
  • Check and adjust water chemistry when needed
  • Brief inspection of pumps and filters

Basic Pool Cleaning Service Sherman Oaks

What type of folks benefit from a regular pool services? People that live busy lifestyles short on time. When it comes to properly keeping the swimming pool maintained each week we are experts. It’s vital that we learn each client’s needs to give a customized cleaning.

It takes a lot of effort to keep not only the swimming water clean, but also the equipment running properly. If left for long periods of time unchecked equipment like pumps, Motors and filters can fastly deteriorate and lead to expensive repairs down the road. Because of this another benefit of having a basic swimming pool cleaning service is that our technicians will regularly check your equipment to make sure everything is working properly. We also regularly test and adjust water chemistry to make sure the water is swim safe for your friends, family and loved ones.

Folks are busy. We know this. We understand swimming pools better than most other companies in the area. All of our aquatic technicians are Los Angeles County certified to install, repair and replace variable speed pumps, sand, de, cartridge filters and do water quality checks. We are just one phone call away to answer any questions about our basic pool cleaning packages and are always ready to lend a hand.