2018 DWP Pool Pump Rebates

Listen up DWP pool pump rebates extended through Dec 31st, 2018 for Sherman Oaks single-family homes. In order to get the $500 or $1,000 discount pools must still have old one-speed pumps and motors installed. Old pumps and motors use more power to run than most household appliances. By swapping pumps save up to 90% energy costs. Money saved because of slowing down the flow-rate of the water and changing the run times to run in off hours. Of course, lots of energy saved so DWP has this great incentive with their pool pump replacement program.

2018 DWP Pool Pump Rebates Sherman Oaks

Want to save $1,000 off the cost of a new multi-speed energy-efficient pool pump? LA County requires the work completed by a certified Aquatic Technician. Our team is LA county certified to install your new pump and motor.┬áTo get these huge DWP savings it’s required that the new variable speed pump purchased and installed by a LA County Certified Aquatic Technician. Photo proof also needed showing your single family home has a one-speed pump and motor currently installed. Homeowners who do their own purchasing and installing of a new variable speed pool pump without a certified technician will also save $500 with a DWP self-install rebate program.

Certified Installations for DWP Pool Pump Rebates

  • Single-family Sherman Oaks area In-ground pools
  • Must have one-speed pump now installed
  • Expert installation by our certified technician
  • Program pump to run off-hours (8:00 p.m. to 9:59 a.m.)

When upgrading your old pool pump and taking advantage of the DWP replacement program rebates it’s almost like getting a free pool pump! The only basic cost is for installing the new pump and motor and doing paperwork. Limited funds so there’s a chance the replacement program could end early so don’t wait.

Our team has been professionally managing Sherman Oaks swimming pools and spas for over 20 years. From weekly cleanings, equipment installations, lighting repairs, troubleshooting and certified pump installations were here to help. If you need more info on the DWP pump rebates call us today.